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March 5, 2018

Three Types of Evangelistic Contexts: Contact, Context, and Friendship

Few things are more enjoyable than being in partnership with the God of the universe. Over the years, I have noticed at least three different kinds of evangelistic contexts we may encounter when engaging in personal evangelism. Of course, if there are three types of contexts, there may be 33; but for the purposes of this article, let’s look at these three. First, there is contact evangelism. This is the kind of situation similar to what is depicted in John 4, where Jesus meets and speaks with the woman at the well, or the passage in Acts 17, where it speaks of Paul in Athens talking to anyone he happened to meet in the marketplace (or Agora). Unique to this context is the fact that the one with a heart to share the love of God and his offer of forgiveness in Christ goes out and encounters whoever happens to come by. The context is one of intentionality. Both Jesus and Paul are there with the goal to share the gospel with others. It is interesting to note that both begin their discussions with what is accessible and noteworthy, common to all parties. Jesus begins his discussion with the woman…

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The Red Carpet Is No Longer a Refuge from Real-World Issues

This Academy Awards season, celebrities and fans are looking for more from Hollywood, but even with more robust coverage, they may not always find it. As the line between politics and entertainment becomes increasingly blurred, this Sunday’s Academy Awards will showcase issues like income inequality and sexual harassment alongside the biggest performers and movies of the year. Organizers are hoping to keep the awards ceremony focused on filmmaking rather than politics, but celebrities are set on bringing their advocacy to the forefront, starting with the red carpet, a place that used to be a refuge for small talk about movies, fashion, and celebrity gossip. Entertainment coverage has struggled to keep up with an era where celebrities endorse #MeToo and #TimesUp as openly as they do brand designers. For this season’s awards shows, The New York Times and New York magazine’s The Cut announced changes in their red carpet coverage and stopped “grading” looks out of respect for more serious topics raised at the events. We’re seeing the beginnings of what could be a dramatic shift in how the media, and in return, society overall, approaches celebrity. Some of those moves come from the talent themselves, who are adjusting how they…

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Network Leaders & Hero Makers

Network leaders are distinct from other leaders in their motives, methods, and measurement of success. The ‘Shalane Effect’ For the first time in 40 years, an American woman won the 2017 New York City Marathon! Shalane Flanagan crossed the finish line of the 26.2-mile race in a blistering time of 2 hours 26 minutes. Running experts are now calling her, “The greatest American distance runner.” But the New York Times explains that Flanagan has an achievement that’s even greater than winning the New York City Marathon: “…perhaps Flanagan’s bigger accomplishment lies in nurturing and promoting the rising talent around her, a rare quality in the cutthroat world of elite sports. Every single one of her training partners — 11 women in total — has made it to the Olympics while training with her, an extraordinary feat. Call it the ‘Shalane Effect’: You serve as a rocket booster for the careers of the women who work alongside you, while catapulting forward yourself. Shalane has pioneered a new brand of ‘team mom’ to these young up-and-comers, with the confidence not to tear others down to protect her place in the hierarchy.” Shalane is not just a great runner; she is a great…

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